Arabian Nights

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Arabian Nights

Cairo was a city I had longed to visit... the sites... the food! I had a few days to spend there at the end of a long business /trip/">trip.

I found a nice hotel downtown, very centrally located, and was able to walk most everywhere. In addition to seeing all the sites the tourist guides touted, I had one more "must do" thing on my mind.

I'd always had fantasies about middle eastern men.... not sure why. I think I liked the color of their skin... and that they always seemed so dominant. Regardless, I'd decided that one of my goals on this trip was to experience an encounter with a real Egyptian male.

I'd cruised the adult sites, and made a few contacts with men in Cairo who listed themselves as "Gay" or "Bi". I arranged to meet with a nice older gentleman, full hd xvideo download Fayed, on the second day I was there.

We met outside a restaurant in a busy tourist area. Fayed was just as I had pictured (and hoped). He had graying hair, a heavy set build, maybe 6'1" tall. He looked to be about 60. We chatted for awhile, and he asked me if I thought I would like to spend some time with him.

He was very charming, and I never hesitated before replying that I would. He hailed a taxi, and we hopped in. I had no idea where we were headed, but he told me I should just relax and trust him.

After a short trip, we arrived at what looked like a somewhat rundown hotel. He paid the driver, and pinched my ass as we exited the taxi. The owners of the hotel greeted him and smiled at me as I walked in. It crossed my mind that I was not the first guest Fayed had brought here!

We rode the rickety elevator up several floors. The hallway was dimly lit as Fayed led me into a small room. The furnishings were very sparse...just a bed and a small table with a lamp.

Fayed closed and locked the door behind us as we entered. "So, would you like to suck my cock?" he said. "Of course" I replied....that is exactly why I had come there!

As Fayed stepped out of his pants, I dropped to my knees eagerly anticipating the taste of his cock in my mouth. I wasn't disappointed. Fayed had a full, large, /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock. About 7" long & quite thick. As my eager lips wrapped around it, I savored the fullness and salty taste it offered.

Quickly, however, it became quite apparent that Fayed was much more aggressive than I had anticipated. I could feel his hands on my head as he pulled me towards him. His grip tightened, and he started to thrust his cock deep into my mouth. His strong arms held me tight as his tempo increased, and he drove his cock deeper down my throat. I was gasping for air, but unable to pull away.

I couldn't resist so resigned myself to trying to satisfy him as quickly as I could. After several minutes I felt his grip tighten.. he held my head firm, and thrust hard as his cum filled my mouth. Although it was a relief to feel him finish, I have to admit that I did enjoy tasting his cum fill my mouth. I was cleaning up his last drops when he lifted me up and directed me to the bed.

He told me to undress and lay face down. I hesitated. Fayed grabbed me by the back of the neck, and forced me face down onto the bed. Holding me down with one hand, he undid my pants with the other, and pulled them off, along with my /underwear/">underwear. With his weight on top of me, I was unable to resist.

Still holding me down with one hand, I could feel him probing my ass with his other. I gasped as his meaty finger worked its way inside me. He told me everything would be fine if I just relaxed and accepted what was coming. He plunged his finger deep inside me, working it in & out.

There was no doubt in my mind what was coming next. Fayed placed all of his weight on me as he climbed on top of me. His knees forced my legs apart, and I could feel his hard cock pressing against my spread cheeks. I could feel his hot breath on my neck as his cock slowly worked its way inside me. He kept telling me to relax as I bit my lip and breathed deeply...his cock seemed enormous as he entered me.

Fayed's thrusts were deep and hard. I was completely at his mercy...unable to resist. He fucked me unmercifully. I've had intercourse with several men previous to this, free porn movies download but always as a willing partner. This was different. Face down, with a much stronger man on top, I really had no choice but to accept what was happening. I was surprised when I realized that my own cock was rock hard!

Fayed had taken total control of me.... and I was very excited by the thought. He moaned deeply as he came inside of me. I too came quickly when I felt the warmth of his cum. We both lay panting for several minutes.... too tired to separate. As I felt his cock begin to soften and recede I rolled over onto my back and embraced him.

I missed most of the sites in Cairo I had planned to visit. Each day I was there, I met with Fayed at his hotel hideaway. I sucked his cock every day to please him, tasting his warm cum on my lips. My treat was having him force me face down onto the bed as he buried his cock deep inside me. Fayed taught me how a real man need to be treated!.