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Big Gerry is what people call me. I am a virgin. Oh wait I mean was’. Until the dunes. I was chilling on the beach with my boys, B Ban, Jimbo, Dietz, and Big Walt, when all of a sudden Katie and Debbie walked by on the beach and winked at me and hinted me over towards them. So I excused myself from the crew and just followed these fine hunnies. 

Debbie and Katie walked towards the dunes so I followed them. When I got over the hill I saw Debbie and Katie making out and feeling each other up. I went over and sat down and started to watch. They both stopped, and told me to come over. So I walked over and sat on the blanket next to Katie. She unzipped my pants and whipped out my 8+ cock and started playing with it while Debbie started fingering Katie. Debbie saw my rod and crawled towards me, while she was crawling I noticed her over sized voluptuous breasts. As soon as I noticed those beautiful melons, I took my cock away from Katie and started waving it in Debbie’s face. She licked her lips and took my rod fully in her mouth. 

At first she went slow and took every little inch of lil Ger. She was sucking me off so good I almost busted my load right away. So I pulled out and since one of my biggest fantasies ever were to tit fuck a girl I laid Debbie down and stuck my 8+ inches in between her D’s. I was in heaven I’ve never experienced anything better in my life. Her breasts were perfect, her nipples were perfect size and her nipples were 2 inch erect. You can compare her nipples bokep sma pecah perawan to baby carrots. I couldn’t just let Katie’s /pussy/fresh-pussy/">fresh pussy go to waste. Out of the corner of my eye, I look out and I see a big glare. I didn’t know what it was. I turn around and I see BIG Adam Taffner. I proceeded to pick Katie up and stick all 8+ inches of man inside of her. 

I bent Katie over old waman xxxgx and fucked her from behind. I look in front of me and I see Adam Taffner sticking his oversized cock inside of Katie’s mouth. Taffner, lasting only one minute, busted inside of Katie’s mouth. After about 10 minutes of /fucking/rough-fucking/">rough fucking with Katie, I decide to pull out and go for the kill. Taffner, looking around for more sex, turned to Debbie. Debbie shied away from him, saying that she doesn’t want a minuteman’s cock inside of her pussy. She wanted a long lasting man without all of the AC-DC blingbling.

 I spread Debbie’s legs and proceeded to rub my oversized Italian sausage against her sensitive clit. I had hard sweaty sex for about an hour, while the tiny grains of sand stuck to my back. Half way through I realized that BIG Adam Taffner was being deep throated for the second time in one hour. This time he lasted 5 minutes. I remember him saying, ’I’m about to bust on your face, make a wish!’ After hearing that I turned around to see what looked to be an extremely creamy yogurt on Katie’s face. She said, ’WOW that was so delish!’ Taffner then said, ’There is much more where that came from’. I pulled out right before my /climax/">climax. I pulled her close to me and stuck my salami in between her luscious breasts. The feeling was unbearable. 

I exploded my man juice all over her beautiful tits. After we went into the ocean to clean off, Katie, Debbie, and I went our separate ways, although we would meet up again later that night which is in Part II of my ultimate sex story. My infamous last words to them were, ’DAMN! That was better then sipping a Woody Ice!’