Betty Boop on Webcam

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Betty Boop on Webcam

On Monday night I was searching the Internet for a holiday when the computer pinged and a blue square popped up in the corner. Slightly surprised I read the message, "Flyboy; says Hi."

It took me a few seconds to realise what it meant.

Three months previously, just before had gone to University my /daughter/">daughter had set up an MSN messaging account for me to keep in contact with her and her sister in Spain.

Hi. Do I know you? I replied to the stranger.

No...but I love your name. Do you look like her? The stranger instantly replied.

I instantly blushed like a tomato.

Oh.....thanks......sort of. I typed.

Really? Do tell.

Thats my nickname among my friends and family. I replied as I turned to look at the reflection of my long legs and hour glass figure in the mirror for some sort of confirmation.

Because? The stranger asked again.

When I was younger I looked a bit like her, even my hair. A friend of a boyfriend teased me -- calling me Betty Boop; then it stuck. I smiled at the memory; then took a sip of my wine.

why? do you look like her? Big /ass/tit-ass/tits-and-ass/">tits and ass?

I was shocked at his (I presumed that Flyboy was a he) language but replied for some bizarre reason.

I suppose so; plus Ive got big brown eyes and long lashes -- just like her. I didnt mention my long legs and huge backside and boobs. I waited for the reply. It was there in seconds.

How big are your tits then?

I was giggling now as I read the message and took another sip of wine.

Big enough (lol).

Id hardly pressed send when he replied again.

Go on....tell me how big they are.

I chuckled at his audacity. By nature Im not shy and never have been; but Im not used to guys talking to me like this; even if it was on the Web.

Tell me who you are.......and I might. I teased him.

OK....Im from the USA, 45, married, 3 kids, 6feet 1, 165lbs, short brown hair with flecks of grey and Im a pilot.

"Wow!" I thought, "a pilot!" Then remembered my daughters stories about guys spinning her a line when they chatted her up.

A pilot????? I challenged him.

Seriously...I am; not a glamorous one...more of a delivery man. He went on to explain that hed been in the US Airforce and now worked for a parcel carrier; flying to Europe twice a week and was currently in a hotel in Frankfurt . I believed him.

We chatted about ourselves for nearly an hour -- I told him that Id been divorced for 7 years, was 41 and worked in an Estate Agents (AR Werth) in the centre of town; plus lots of meaningless stuff too. He told me about his family but admitted to getting lonely while in hotels but now contented himself with chatting on Messenger. I didnt believe him.

Just before he got bored with me he asked again.... are you going to tell me how big your tits are? Im going /crazy/">crazy here fantacising about you!!!!

I was now onto my third glass of wine and was flattered by his persistance and flirting.

My hand was trembling as I typed, 36EE then pressed send.

A few seconds passed ...his reply came onto my screen.

Geez....they sound fantastic. Im a /big/big-tit/">big tit man......can I see them?

The drink had fuddled my brain and I didnt really understand what he meant.

What do you mean? How could I show you?

Have you got any photos?

Oh God no! Plus I wouldnt know how to send them. I quickly typed.

Thats a pity Flyboy wrote, then immediately sent another message, have you got a webcam?

Yes, I naively replied.

Id used it a couple of times with my daughters and still wasnt sure how to get it to work; but Flyboy talked porn videos download me through which buttons to press and after a couple of false starts we could see each other. My heart was pounding as his picture flickered onto my screen. Not just because he was /gorgeous/">gorgeous but mostly because Id learned a new computer skill.

After waving at each other and grinning like the drunken fool I was; Flyboy plied me with loads and loads of compliments which weakened my resolve just as much as the 2/3 of a bottle of wine Id drank.

So? Are you going to show me those gorgeous puppies? He persisted with a twinkle in his eye.

I smiled and shrugged my shoulders. I was desperately trying to appear calm and in control but my stomach was in knots and my heart was racing so fast I thought I was going to hyper ventilate.

Please babe he pleaded and pouted, Ive got such a stiffy here and I really need to jerk off before I go to sleep.

Wow! That put my brain back into gear.

Really? I typed.

Sure have. Do you want to see it?

I had a drunken dilemma now. In the 7 years since Ive been divorced Ive had two boyfriends and a single one-night stand with a married man; but because all of my girlfriends were either knee deep in children or in the first flush of love in their second marriages I hadnt had the opportunity to go out on the pull for nearly two years and had become a very proficient masturbater. Recently it had been 4 or 5 times a week and I was becoming perpetually horny which possibly explains why Id so readilly got involved in an online chat like this.

OK I replied as casually as possible. If he knew anything about women he would have realised from the look on my face and my nipples which had suddenly popped out; I was desperate to see a real cock.

Flyboy grinned and winked as he pushed his chair back. He lifted the hem of his t-shirt revealing a nice big bulge in his boxers which he lovingly caressed.

GET ON WITH IT! I wanted to shout.

Still with a grin on his lips he pulled his pants down to his knees and revealed a lovely thick semi-/hard/hard-cock/">hard cock. I was mesmerized but didnt know how I was supposed to react.

So you like it then? He typed with his free hand as he began shaking and rubbing his cock making it grow a little bit harder.

Forgetting he could see me, my eyes were like saucers and my mouth was virtually hanging open.

Yes. was all I could think of to type and gave him a thumbs up.

Your turn.... now show me your tits so I can jerk off.

This was all new to me and I wasnt thinking straight anymore. The thrill of chatting and flirting with an electronic stranger had made me even hornier than usual. Without a seconds thought I pulled the cami-top of my pyjamas over my head leaving me in a revealing lacy white bra and pyjama bottoms.

MMMMMMM...they look nice....squeeze them for me. Flyboy typed.

As if hypnotised I obeyed; squeezing and stroking my large mammaries as he tugged at his cock and hairy balls making it grow fatter and longer.

If you take your bra off Ill jerk off.... just for you. Flyboy told me.

The opportunity to watch a nice looking guy actually wank for me was a turn on too far. The little Devil that used to sit on my shoulder in my younger wilder days made an uninvited appearance and prodded me with his pitchfork - I immediately put my hands behind my back and unhooked my bra; letting it fall forward .and exposing my /boobs/big-boobs/">big boobs

Flyboy chuckled and typed; Shit! Those puppies are fucking triple A!" then he began rubbing xxx really fast.

My pulse and heart were racing as I stroked and squeezed my tits again...for him. It felt really really naughty as I tugged at my nipples and squashed them together to turn on this absolute stranger who was masturbating on my PC screen. My boobs and nipples are very sensitive at the best of times so after a couple of minutes I was squirming on my chair and urgently needed some relief myself. Flyboy was now standing up and changing hands every few seconds in his urge to cum. Before I knew what was happening one of my hands was down the front of my pjs and rubbing my clitty.

Flyboy had obviously seen me do this and leaned forward to type; Take your pants off and show me what youre doing.

Drunk, horny and delirious with an itch between my legs I obliged by slipping my pjs down to my knees then leaning back in my chair -- legs apart! Our hands were both a blur as he wanked his /cock/big-cock/">big cock and I rubbed and fingered myself on screen for each other. Less than a minute after showing him my hairy kitty he was shooting cum all over the hotel desk. This tipped me over the edge and I came to an abrupt screaming orgasm by jamming three fingers into my hole as I furiously rubbed my stiff clitoris with the palm of my hand.

Flyboy stumbled backwards and grabbed hold of the chair to steady himself. I was leaning backwards gasping for air with my legs still spread when he began typing.

Did you enjoy that?

I chuckled and typed, What did it look like?

W flirted for another minute or two then he made his excuses and logged off. All alone and naked in my living room the enormity of what Id just done hit me like a lead weight and I began to sniffle and a tear or two ran down my cheek. Embarrassed; I pulled my pyjama bottoms up and clutched my bra and cami-top in front of me. I swiftly logged off and made my way to the bathroom. As I wiped between my legs I slowly stopped feeling guilty and the little Devil on my shoulder took charge again. It had actually been fun; lots of fun.....and I had that itch again between my legs.