The Awakening of June Part 2

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
The Awakening of June Part 2

This story is completely fictional.

Adam and June pulled up in front of an old mansion and gazed in awe at its quaintness, yet splendor. It was simple, yet completely elegant. They walked up the steps, Adam bending over to kiss the small pouch of his /wife/new-wife/">new wifes belly. June ran her finger along the "L" above the doorbell and waited for someone to answer.

A beautiful woman in her early thirties with a 1920s vintage hairstyle and bright red lipstick answered the door and said, "Ah you must be the Greens," as she opened the screen door and invited them in. "Im Ginny. Welcome to Lancaster Mansion." 

"Thank you," June breathed as she glanced around and took in the simple elegance inside the mansion. 

"First things first," Ginny placed both hands at a small podium, "Please sign in and register for the amount of nights you are staying and well get you checked in. Well take care of payment um, before you leave."

"Sounds good," Adam reached for the pen to fill out the register, as the pen fell to the floor. He bent to reach for it, just as Ginny did and her deep low cut 20s vintage dress revealed her /breasts/large-breasts/beautiful-large-breasts/">beautiful large breasts beneath. Adam quickly caught his breath and picked up the pen and signed in.

"Okay, if youll just follow me, Ill be happy to show you to our nicest suite," Ginny waved them toward the stairs. Adam AND June couldnt help but notice the slight sway in her hips as Ginny ascended the stairs in front of them. 

"Here we are, "Ginny swung the door open and leaned against it as she allowed just enough room for the couple to get through the doorway, but not without them having to brush against her. The room was /gorgeous/">gorgeous and very romantic. "If you need anything at all, feel free to ring me downstairs, "Ginny continued," There is reading material on the shelves over there, and if you would like to watch any of those indian santali xvideo old films on the reels over there, the projector is in the closet over there. Have a wonderful stay." Ginny winked as she closed the door.

June turned to Adam and could see the bulge in his pants as he stared at the door Ginny had just exited. June put her hands on his shoulders and ran them over his chest and said, "I know, baby, Im not even INTO /women/">women and she has me VERY hot and horny.. . . I ... I need your cock in my pussy." She whispered.

Adam pushed June against the door and lifted her skirt up, unzipped his pants and immediately entered her dripping pussy. "OH! OH ! OH!" June moaned with every thrust she banged against the door while his cock was banging her pussy. It was as if they were under some spell. They couldnt get enough of each other and Adam kept growing harder and harder. He was the biggest hed ever been since he hadnt even cum yet. He lifted June higher onto his cock as he continued to ram into her against the door. "OH GOD BABY, YESSSSSSS!!!! YESSSSSSSS!" June wrapped her legs around him and her body shuddered with orgasm. She felt his juice squirting deep inside of her as she fell forward against him. With his cock still burried inside of her he carried her to the bed and they fell asleep still wrapped around each other, his cock staying hard within her.

A couple hours later, Adam awoke and kissed June firmly on the lips and began to undress her as she slept. He admired his wifes beautiful body and the little pouch where his baby was growing. His heart was overwhelmed with love for the woman lying next to him. "June...," He whispered. "Hmmmm?" She sighed as her eyes fluttered ... "Baby, I love you." He said as he pulled his somewhat softened cock out of her pussy. "Mmmm I love you too sweetie," she said as her eyes fluttered back to sleep.

At that point, Adam couldnt go back to sleep, so he decided to see what was on the films Ginny had said they could watch. Completely naked he walked over to the closet and hooked up the projector and placed a film reel in it. It was nearing midnight and he wished June would wake up so that they could fuck the night through. 

The film started and he could see the black in white film of Ginny dancing with a very handsome man. They were alone in a large room, the furniture looked as though it was antique, almost from the 1920s. Occasionally the man would grab Ginnys breast and she would playfully slap his hand away. The film was silent, so Adam couldnt tell what type of music was playing, but something slow and provocative must have come on, because Ginny became less playful and began rubbing herself against the man on the screen and she pulled her off the shoulder dress below her breasts to reveal a corset beneath. The man burried her face in her huge melons and untied the top of her corset to free her bosom. He began sucking her breasts hungrily as they danced and he backed her up against an endtable by the couch. Ginny lifted her leg and pulled the skirt of her dress up, resting her foot on the arm of the couch. Adam gasped as he watched, Ginny had no /underwear/">underwear on. The man pulled his cock out and thrust it into a standing Ginny. Adam felt his cock stand to full attention and heard someone whisper behind him in his ear.

"Want some of that?"

"Ju... I mean, Ginny! How did you get in here, I didnt even hear the door open or see you come in?!"

"You were too busy watching me fuck that lucky bastard that you didnt notice anything." Ginny said as she took off the same dress shed had earlier that day to reveal her georgously voluptuous body. She was wearing no underwear. She knelt down in front of Adam and took his cock in her hands, she began jerking it while looking up at him with large eyes. 

"Y-you c-cant do this... Ginny, Im married to June....Mmmmmm" Adam moaned. 

"Oh but you like it too much for me to stop. Besides, June is under the spell of Lancaster Mansion. She wont be waking up any time soon." Ginny wrapped her lips around the head of his cock and slowly began twirling her tongue around it, teasing him. Adam grabbed her head and pushed her mouth down onto his cock, and she greedily began sucking him off. With one hand she reached back and began to finger her pussy. She moaned as she sucked his ever growing cock and felt her pussy juices drip down the inside of her thighs. 

"Im going to fuck you senseless now, Adam Green" Ginny stood and straddled him on the couch and lowered herself onto his pole. In one swift move his cock was burried in her /hole/love-hole/">love hole. She began to rock back and forth. He burried his face in her tits and began to suck on her hard, erect, nipples. She dug her fingernails into his back as they fucked and moaned. "MMMMMM fuck yes, oh god, your cock is so fucking huge ... Adam fuck my pussy HARDER FASTER..." Adam began grunting and thrusting with every buck of her hips. She was making so much goddam noise he glanced over at June, worried that she would wake up. 

With one finger, Ginny pushed his face back towards her and whispered, "I told you she is under Lancasters spell, she will not wake up". Ginny kissed Adams mouth, her tongue swirling deep to his throat. He could taste himself from when she sucked his cock. His cock began throbbing. "Im going to cum, Ginny. Of FUCK Im going to cummmmmmmm. Pull off of me baby, I dont want to get you preg----- AHHHHHHHH fuck sorry, I came inside of you. Im sorry Ginny." 

"Its okay, Adam. You neednt worry about that. Nothing will happen. Besides that felt damn good, you cuming inside me like that." She kissed him, dismounted him, his cum dripping out of her pussy, she picked up her dress, and without putting it on, walked out the door. 

Adam, his cock still growing hard, walked over to the bed and lay down. June moaned and took a heavy breath as he lay down. She rolled over and spooned against him. She opened her eyes as she felt his /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock against her back. She turned her head to see his eyes closed. She decided she would just give him a nice little wake up since she knew he loved to wake up to having his cock sucked. She gently begain sucking it. It had a different, but very good taste tonight. She wasnt sure what it was, but she liked it. It was something to do with this mansion. It was like it was not real, yet it was. She took his cock deep into her throat and sucked long and hard. "Mmmmmm" Adam moaned. He had not been asleep but he felt guilty about fucking Ginny, but it didnt matter. His cock was doing all the thinking for him. 

"God June, fuck my cock baby...." June smiled and kissed him as she mounted his cock. "Good morning baby" With that she slid down his pole and ground against it, leaning back to grab his balls. She then lifted her swollen tits up to suck on her own nipples. Adam squeezed her ass and looked at her beautiful swollen tummy and came deep inside of her. 

"My god, baby," June uttered, "Something very /sweet/">sweet and sexy has gotten into you. I like alain lyle porn it!" June felt his cock harden again and they fucked the rest of the night.

Later that morning they awoke and went downstairs to breakfast. A different, middle aged woman was down there to greet them as they sat for beakfast. "Hi there," She said, "Im Ruth. I hope you had a good nights stay."

"Yes, we did, very nice." June beamed. "Wheres Ginny? Did she have the day off today?"

"Who?" Ruth said.

"Ginny. The girl who checked us in yesterday."

"Uh, we dont have a Ginny that works here. Mrs. Lancaster, my Great Aunts name was Ginny. She and her husband Tom, owned this place and she left it to me when she died a few months ago."

With that, June and Adam glanced at each other completely baffled. Adam, more than June, because when he shaved and showered that morning, the fingernail marks in his back had been very real.