The incubus

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
The incubus
Tossing and turning, Paige Barlow tried unsuccessfully to find a comfortable sleeping position. She rolled over on her side, only to see the dim red numbers on her bedside clock show that it was now three thirty in the morning. She groaned and said out loud, "Good grief, I have to get up in just three hours, I just gotta get some sleep!" In another fifteen minutes or so, sleep over took her tired body, but it was far from fitful as she tossed and turned, slipping in and out of unconsciousness, caught in that nether world between sleep and awake. As the clock ticked towards five o'clock, something very strange began happening to Paige's body!!! Her vagina became very wet, totally aroused and ready for intercourse, and while she was vaguely aware that something sexual was overtaking her, she was powerless to stop it. Slowly her whole body was enveloped by this "force", this sexual presence that seemed to fill her very existence. She trembled as it rushed through her, making every pore of he skin seem like a mini vagina until she was exuding sexuality in a way she had never felt before!!! Although not conscious, she was aware of everything that happening to her, that feeling that her entire being was a huge sex organ. Then it hit her, she felt something or someone inside of her driving her to the most massive orgasm she had ever felt in her young life! She screamed in /ecstasy/">ecstasy as wave after wave of pleasure swept through her, ripping away her modest mid western demeanor in the process, and then just as quickly as it started, it was over! Limp as an old dish rag, with sweat popping out all over her, she awoke, barley able to move, all of her energy sapped by the mystical presence!!!

She fell back into a deep sleep, not even hearing the alarm clock's loud buzz, as she slept straight through until noon. When she finally came to, she struggled into the bathroom, getting under a cold shower, trying to regain her senses. Still weak as a kitten, she called the office and told them that she wouldn't be in due to illness, and then went to the kitchen to get something to eat. "My god," she thought, "what the hell happened to me last night!" Although her sex life wasn't exactly on fire at the moment, she had enough orgasms through regular sex, as well as masturbation, and while she had heard about wet dreams, but she thought that that was a male thing, at least ways until now, but there was no mistaking it, she had had an orgasm in her sleep! "Well," she opined to herself, "no harm in that I guess," and then commenced cleaning up her lunch dishes until finally feeling more like herself, she went out and ran a few errands, soon forgetting about her experience from the night before.

The next morning she was off to work early, knowing she had a lot to make up because of yesterday's absence, so she hopped on the bus and took a seat about halfway back from the driver. Still a little tired, she kept nodding off, being jolted back awake by the jerking motion of the bus and it was during one of the moments when she was just about under, when it started happening again. She could feel it in her vagina! Trying to stop it, she struggled to open her eyes, but to no the wwwxxx avail as it was almost like seeing an accident in slow motion, you think you can stop it, but it just seems to be a little out of your reach. Again her whole being was being swept along by a mystical force, far more powerful than she was capable of resisting. Her vagina was leaking juice, making her crack drip onto her lace panties, making them damp with the aroma of /fresh/fresh-sex/">fresh sex. Her breathing became shallow as her body responded to the excitement that coursed through her!!! While she had never had any problem cumming, her body was now an instrument of sexual desire! She could feel this tremendous orgasm welling up inside of her, no human being had ever made her feel so female! What ever was causing her to cum, was also making her feel like the most sexually perfect woman on earth, and at this very moment her mind and pussy were as one in the universe! She felt like the mother of all beings, it was impossible to describe, but she just knew that no other woman had ever been as fulfilled as she was right now! Something was in her vagina, making her lips and clitoris puff up like they had never done before, she felt so sexual, so like a pussy. She was the ultimate female, and she was being taken by an unknown force! Again, she screamed when her vagina was rocked by the most intense orgasm any female had wwwxxx ever experienced! When she finally opened her eyes, thirty five other passengers were staring at her, wondering what had caused this twenty five year old woman to have what appeared to be an intense sexual episode on a crowded city bus!!! She would have gotten off at the next stop, but as was the case yesterday morning, she couldn't move a muscle, but thankfully by the time the bus reached down town, she had just enough strength to wobble to the exit door and make it to the street. She hoped she could walk the remaining block to her office, but she really wasn't sure that she could!!!

When she finally plopped down in her chair, she was still feeling the effects of her on bus orgasm and several of her coworkers stopped by to see if she was okay. She merely nodded and told them that she was still a little weak from the flu and that she would be all right, while not believing those words even as she spoke them! Twice in the last forty eight hours she had been racked by the most vicious orgasms she could possibly imagine, both having left her shaken and trembling, and while she had always had a healthy attitude towards sex, there was something almost sinister about what was happening to her. As good as it had felt, there was an under current of malevolence surrounding the whole affair. The main problem was what was causing it, and what if anything could she do about it if she did find out what was going on! Paige spent the rest of her day immersed in her work, trying not to dwell on whether it would happen again, but the only thing she was sure of so far, was that in both cases she had been sleeping when she was over taken. "Oh great," she thought, "all I have to do is never fall asleep again and everything will be all right!" At six pm sharp she left her office and headed for the bus stop, anxious to get home and take a hot bath and get to bed. She was mentally and physically fatigued, and her usually sharp mind had been dulled by the past days events. While standing by the bus stop, a rather odd thing occurred, that on any other day would have meant nothing to her. An old woman, a bag lady for lack of a nicer term, was approaching her on the sidewalk pushing a shopping cart. In a city the size of Chicago, this was not an uncommon event, so Paige hardly paid any attention to her as she moved haltingly through the rush hour crowd. It wasn't until she was almost on top of her that Paige realized she was trying to make eye contact with her!!! When their eyes met, they locked together, making a cold shiver run down her spine! She tried to look away, but something held her in the gaze of the old woman, a feeling she had previously felt during her two episodes of the last two days. Closer and closer the old woman came, causing Paige to feel that she might actually have a panic attack right there on La Salle Street! When they were but inches apart, the old woman whispered in a husky voice, "You are one of us now, in due course you will understand your place! Incubus!!!!" Just as quickly as she had appeared, the old woman was shuffling off down the street, glancing back at Paige, again causing her to shiver at the mere sight of the old woman's face. "Incubus," Paige thought, as she boarded her north bound bus, "I've never heard that word before, I wonder what it could mean?!?" "Probably nothing," she reassured herself, "she was just an old woman, what the hell would she know!?!"