The First Date Continues

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
The First Date Continues

Note : This story is completely fictional!

My head was spiining as I sat, satisfied for the moment, in the backseat of my mustang. N had just finished lapping my spilled jism up off the seat and resumed sitting next to me. We were both still naked, as she curled on the seat in my right arm. The guy in the car next to us was clearly stroking his cock and his eyes had not left N since she had stripped and I had begun fucking her.

She giggled and said, I need to pee after all that exercise. Well, I said, either step behind the car and let it flow or head to the restrooms at the snack bar. She thought for just a moment and said she would hit the restroom. She pulled the tee shirt back on and slid up into the front seat; opened the door; and started to walk down the lane. As she closed the door, I told her to wiggle that ass as she walked and put on a show for anyone who saw her. As she did she noticed the guy in the car next to us and I could tell by her facial expression she had seen his cock. 

There were no other cars in the back aisle, so I opened the door and stepped out to stretch; naked and not really caring if the guy saw me or not. After all, he was apparently getting his jollies off by jerking on his cock. I stretched and leaned against the car while I waited for N to return.

She was grinning from ear to ear as she walked back; she told me 2 different guys had tried to pick her up and shed flushed and begun to cum from their attention. Shed finally broken away telling them her boyfriend was waiting for her.

She leaned into me and asked if I was embarrased standing there naked; I told her on the contrary it was stimulating and she could feel my cock begin to stir. I lifted her head and began to slowly french her; her mouth was willing and she had applied fresh lip stick and used some breath spray while in the ladys room. My hands fell to her ass and I was cupping both cheeks and squeezing her into me while she lifted her arms around my neck. My hands worked the tee up over her ass cheeks and the guy in the next car had a great ass shot as she was oblivious to everything but me.

As I continued frenching her, I worked the tee up her back and began to work it over her shoulders; without being told she dropped her arms so I could lift it off and she was as naked as a jay bird when we broke the kiss and I lifted the tee over her head. Her arms went back around my neck as I tossed the tee on the car seat and resumed giving her the attention she was earning. The guy next to us was clearly stroking like /crazy/">crazy.

She was so light, I picked her up and carried her to the rear of the car and continued holding her as we continued our frenching. Her tongue was deep in my mouth and my cock was ready for some more pussy and clearly she was ready for another ride. I stood her down and turned her so she faced the car; and then bent her over so her hands were resting on the rear deck. I spread her legs white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie as wide as I could and began playing with her pussy which was sopping wet. I had 3 fingers running fairly deep in her pussy and they were coated with juice when I pulled them out and wiped them on my cock to get it wet and ready for entry. I bent her over slightly more so her ass was sticking somewhat up and her pussy was ready.

She groaned slightly as my cock entered her and I began a steady pumping in and out. She was responding with a /ass/nice-ass/">nice ass wiggle as I continued stroking my cock in and out of her pussy. She tensed slightly when she heard the adjacent car door open; but my hand held her in place and I did not alter my fucking in alarm so she relaxed. The guy walked back to the rear of his car and stood watching us. Finally he asked if he could watch and jerk off; I nodded my consent.

N was resting her head on her arms as I was fucking her; the guy unzipped and pulled out about 6 inches of semi /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock. He began stroking his shaft and I told N to watch which she readily did. Her eyes were glued to his cock as he jerked and stroked his shaft. I motioned him to move closer so she could have a better view. Again, she tensed slightly but relaxed when I continued my fucking without missing a stroke. I knew this would be another long distance fuck as I could normally last quite long after cumming and having a short recovery period.

The guy, who was about 50 and later introduced himself as Charlie, had moved closer to her so that his cock was no more than 6 or 7 inches from her face and she had a clear view as small drops of pre-cum began to appear. She was breathing heavier now and I knew she was enjoying his performance as well as my fucking. This open sexuality had opened new doors for her. Open your mouth, I told her and she did so instantly. I directed him to put just the head of his cock in her mouth; and when he had, I told her to hold it in place with her lips. She was a real trooper.

He continued stroking his cock and I knew he would be popping his load off shortly by the way he was grimmacing in an effort to hold off as long as possible. I could hear N gulping her spittle which was building up and I knew she was tonguing the head of his cock when he told her what a great tongue she had. N, I commanded, when he comes you will swallow his load and then thank him for the reward. She nodded her head and with that he lost it as his strokes became longer and he was beginning to unload into her wanton mouth. She maintained a tight grip with her lips on his cock head and she was gulping loudly now as she swallowed his load and her spit. He finally stopped stroking but did shake his cock as she released it with a big smile on her face. Thank you, kind sir, she said. I hope my efforts were satisfactory. He leaned over and gave her a kiss on the lips as an answer.

All this time, I had not missed a stroke. I reached down and took some of her juices from the base of my cock and began to work them into and around her /asshole/">asshole. I began to work my thumb in and out as she squealed with pleasure from both holes being used. I took a long stroke out and repositioned my cock head at her asshole. She moaned in disappointment at her pussy being empty but squealed like a pig when my cock slid into her quivering asshole. I began long and steady strokes in and out as she reared up to take the full length of my shaft deep in her brown opening. Her asshole was tighter than any virgin pussy I had ever enjoyed.

I was holding her by her hips as I picked up the pace and began slamming my cock in and out while my balls were slamming into her pussy. I began to grunt as my load began gushing into her asshole and she squealed loudly yelling she could feel the shots of juice hitting deep in her hole. I held my cock in place after finishing my load and allowed it to stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv mellow in the afterglow. She was wiggling and giggling in glee.

When I withdrew from her, I turned her around and told her to clean my shaft and cock head which she readily did. She began sucking my cock and I knew she would have me ready to go again if I allowed her to give me a full blow job. Easy, I said, where are your manners? You need to intro yourself to your /friend/new-friend/">new friend. After intros were exchanged we stood at the rear of the car for a few minutes chatting before climbing back in and resuming our seats in the back of the car. I smiled when I looked at the screen and realized we had 2 more /fucking/fuck-movies/">fuck movies to enjoy before the lot would close.

More would follow and will be detailed if you are enjoying.